Price List - Valid 15 January 2020 to 31 December 2020

Please refer to the table below for prices and tariffs which are quoted in South African Rands.
Value Added Tax is payable on all prices and tariffs below.

Species   Female Price     Male Price   Trophy Price Trophy Definition
Blue Wildebeest R3,300 R3,900 R5,500 = or > 27'
Black Backed Jackal R50 R50 R50 -
Bushbuck Not hunted in 2020 R5,500 R9,500 = or > 14'
Bushpig R1,200 R1,500 R2,500 = or > 5'
Baboon R50 R50 R50 -
Caracal R50 R50 R50 -
Common Reedbuck Not hunted in 2020 R6,000 R12,000 = or > 12'
Common Duiker Not hunted in 2020 R750 R2,500 = or > 3'
Gemsbok (Oryx) Not hunted in 2020 Not hunted in 2020 Not hunted in 2020 -
Giraffe R12,000 R15,000 R15,000 -
Impala R1,200 R1,500 R2,500 = or > 22'
Kudu R5,500 R7,500 R12,500 = or > 42' less than 48'
Kudu R5,500 R7,500 R15,000 = or > 48' less than 54'
Livingstone Eland R17,500 R20,000 R30,000 = or > 33'
Nyala R4,500 R5,000 R10,000 = or > 25'
Ostrich Not hunted in 2020 R2,600 R2,600 -
Tsessebe Not hunted in 2020 R8,000 R12,500 = or > 15'
Steenbuck Not hunted in 2020 R1,000 R2,500 = or > 3'
Vervet monkey R50 R50 R50 -
Waterbuck R3,000 R4,500 R12,500 = or > 25'
Warthog R750 R850 R1,500 -
Zebra (Burchell's) R5,500 R6,000 R6,000 -

Trophy animals have to be confirmed with owner before being hunted. All trophy measurement are done according to the relevant Rowland Ward method.

Animals hunted that are not on the price list, will be charged at replacement value plus 10%.

Accommodation, Vehicles & Facilities Pricing

  Description   Included Price
Accommodation per hunter per night Self catering accommodation
Reasonable quantities of fire wood supplied
Additional firewood available at R25 per 15kg bundle
Check in from 12:00 pm, and check out before 11:00 am
R450 per night
Hunting day fees per group per day Well trained trackers
Walk and stalk hunting
Recovery of hunted animals
Cold room and slaughtering facilities
Use of shooting range for sighting rifles
Skinning & field preparation of hunted animals
Hunting licenses and permits for transport of carcasses
R350 per day
Professional Hunter fees for non-SA residents Maximum two clients per professional hunter R2000 per day
Renting of hunting rifles Charged at either half day or full day R375 per day
Renting of cross bow Charged at either half day or full day R375 per day
Trophy skinning & salt Skinning an animal for trophy purposes R150 per skin
Delivery to Naboomspruit Trophy delivery to taxidermist or carcass delivery to Naboom Spar R50 per item


All hunting and accommodation prices exclude VAT.
A 100% accommodation deposit is required to secure booking.
Deposit will be retained if booking is cancelled within 7 days of arrival date.

Hunting Rules

1. All hunters will be required to sight their rifles at out shooting range, before being allowed to hunt.
2. You will be transported to your hunting area on the farm by the professional hunter and/or guide. No private vehicles are allowed to drive around on the farm.
3. No hunting from vehicles. Hunters will not be off loaded closer than 500 meter from game spotted enroute to hunting area.
4. Rifle hunting is done on foot and bow hunting is done from a designated blind.
5. You must always be accompanied by a guide during hunting sessions. We have two dedicated guides that can accompany one or two hunters each. We can therefore accommodate a maximum of 4 hunters per session.
6. No alcohol will be allowed before and during any hunting session and please do not litter in the bush.
7. All firearms must be completely unloaded at the camp and before getting onto the hunting vehicles.
8. No hunting will be allowed after sunset, only from sunrise to sunset except when arranged with the owner to hunt predators or bushpigs at night.
9. No calibre smaller than .243 or 6 mm will be allowed.
10. Each hunter must ensure that he is absolutely clear on the specie, sex and size of the animals. The guides can not be held responsible for any mistakes made in judgement by the hunter.
11. No discount for under size animals will be given.
12. All wounded animals will be charged for at full price whether they are found or not.
13. Areas around the camps are declared "No Hunting Zones". No hunting is allowed in these areas.
14. Normal skinning and refrigeration is included. Carcasses can be cut in quarters only, we do not have a meat processing facility. Game transport permits are issued before departure.
15. The full account must be settled on the day of departure. No departure will be allowed without settlement of the outstanding account in full by either cash or EFT payment.
16. We will not accept any responsibility for theft, accidents, injuries or any other costs arising from hunting activities.
17. Any damage to property and equipment will be added to the groups account.
18. Bow hunters - You may only take three arrows into a blind at a time. Once a shot has been taken the arrow may not be moved or cleaned until the professional hunter has arrived at the blind. Arrows and blades supplied by us will be charged for if damaged.